Sizes and Licenses of Cheap Stock Photos

The size and licenses also play a big part in purchasing cheap stock photos. While relevance is most important, these two are difficult to ignore as well. Size makes sure that the stock photo cheap fits your required dimensions and the licenses give you the right to use the images any way and anywhere you like, provided that you adhere to the license agreement. Here are more information about sizes and licenses.


stock photo licenseCheap stock photos are licensed with Standard and Extended/Enhanced. You may choose which license to acquire depending on your needs. The Standard license is commonly offered in most cheap stock images. It does not involve expiry dates or geographical restrictions. It can be used for web/electronic uses and printed material. However, if you require more print runs, you may need to get an Extended/Enhanced license for an additional cost.

An Extended/Enhanced license can be used in various projects and in multiple print runs and resales. It gives all the rights that the Standard license provides, plus 500,000 times more print runs. It also allows you to use them to create your own business and create your own products and services for distribution or resale. It does not have any deadline, usage limits and geographical restrictions.



Sizes are also important when it comes to purchasing stock photos cheap. Depending on your needs, you can choose among different sizes. The extra small size has 400 x 300 pixels and is suitable for small web or phone uses. The small size has 800 x 600 pixels, which is great for web and tablet. If you need cheap stock images for web and small print, you can go well with medium-sized image.

If you require bigger cheap stock photos, many cheap stock photo sites also offer them. You can get a large photo, which is perfect for print full page. An extra-large image is best suited for big prints. Moreover, a double extra-large photo is suitable for editing, HD and poster. Depending on the sizes, an image can cost between 1 to 12 credits. Of course, it still depends on the stock agency.

If you want to get the most of your money, you should subscribe to a subscription plan. It enables you to purchase images for the lowest possible price.


Regardless of the size and license, the use of cheap stock images have restrictions, read more about it from this link. You cannot use them in pornography, escort services, adult entertainment events, political endorsements, service marks, logos and trademarks. The use of images in social media sites are also limited. It is only possible to use an image in social media if the size is less than 1000 x 1000 pixels and if the copyright information is on the stock photo cheap itself.